A Mother’s Endearment

Tessa an old lady, is in her 70’s with half-closed eyes covered with skin, wrinkled cheeks, and hairs are as white as milk, but a selfish, arrogant, and stubborn character, which doesn’t match her age.

She has a son named Isaac who is married to a lovely girl and got a 5 years old son. Tessa loves her grandson very much; she always defends him when Isaac tries to teach or make him realize his mistakes. As her Grandson was growing up, the conflict between the mother and son were getting intensified. Grandson started taking advantage of her Granny’s support and was learning the wrong things. One day, Isaac called Tessa and told her convincingly “Ma, I know you love your grandson more than we love him, but as a parent, I can’t see him going in the wrong way. He is 17 now, all the kids of his age are striving to get into their higher studies and are worried about their career, but he is not concerned about anything.” Tessa interfered “Do you mean I have spoiled him?”  Isaac replied controlling his emotions “I didn’t mean that, I am trying to make you understand to stop defending for him. The situation is getting worse and you know he is already in a plan to drop out his college, also from few months he is addicted to alcohol.

Interrupting the conversation, she took her walking stick, marched towards her room shutting the door. Isaac shouting from outside “I beg you please don’t interfere while I am advising him”. Tessa switched on the TV, ignored her son, and continued watching. In the evening, her grandson came back to the house in a drunken condition, and told her mom “Ma, why am I like this, I have lost interest in living, all my friends hate me and they don’t want to make friendship with me. Did I become so bad that they shoo me like a street dog?” Tessa heard this and realized that she had made a big mistake in her grandson’s life, she said to herself “I am the only reason for spoiling my kid’s life”, thinking this she slept heavy heartedly. From the next day, she started a business of chit funds and began making money. With the money she earned, she started building an individual house.

While the house was about to finish construction, Isaac asked his mother “I thought you love me, but you are so selfish that you started building a house of your own? He then continued “What you are going to achieve doing such things, either you spoil my son’s life or my life. People advise me to take care of you because they think that I ill-treat you. Tessa said sorrowfully “I am really sorry for spoiling your and your son’s life, the day when I saw my grandson as a drunkard, I was stroke with shock, then I decided to help you. Isaac interrupted “By constructing your own house you are not helping me in any way, but you are burdening me. Tessa replied “The house is being constructed not for me, but for you to stay safe in case you become insolvent. Isaac was stunned and frozen with a reply. A drop of tears rolled on his cheeks.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one”

-Jill Churcill

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