Arun ARD

“To be the best or to be the worst it’s all about the decision what you make”.
I am an Asian Books of World Record Holder in free style Robotic Dance and also a BBA graduate from Bangalore University. I have interest in various fields like photoshop, video editing and also a certificate holder in Graphic designing.

J Samson Franklin

“Chase your Dream, Opportunities will chase you back”.
I have finished my bachelor of commerce in finance. I have written and presented research papers in National Conferences on various interesting topics of choice. I was a part of a research paper on the topic “Stress Rooting Defect Among Students in Educational Life” which was published in IOSR (International Organization of Scientific Research) Journals. Also, I have conducted a Guest Lecture on the topic “Group and Team Building” at T. John Institute of Management and Science. During my last semester of, I joined M. J. Infrastructure as a management trainee, where I gained the utmost knowledge and experience about the operation of the real estate business.
I was Graduated in T. John Institute of Management and Science, where I learned Tally Ace, Advanced MS Excel, and Adobe Photoshop as a certificate course. I enjoy participating in extracurricular activities such as Dancing, Face Painting and Creative Writing. Also, I was an event coordinator of the college, which enlightened me of leadership and managerial skills. I get inspired and motivated by my parents, mentors, and friends, which encourage me to be active and participative.
In my leisure, I watch travel vlogs, where I see different places and different people from various parts of the world. I am also interested in non-profit work and research opportunities. I love to interact with and connect with people to learn new things.