An Abiding Love

The world evolves, and the traditions keep changing but, the one thing that humans never stop, the human race. Humans change their lifestyle, tradition, and culture but the one natural thing, the love, which cannot be changed or avoided by mankind.

Somewhere in the part of the busy world, a boy named Arya seems to be frustrated with his workload and thought to come out of his office to experience some fresh air. But still, he kept on receiving phone calls from his clients and spoiled his idea. He sat on a bench, switched off his phone, and to take a relief he began watching the flying birds. After a few moments, fortuitously an eye intermediated which was as blue as the ocean, pink smiling lips, cheeks as soft as cotton and ground pointing chin of a girl.  

He was surprised by the beauty and never felt as peace like this ever in his life. Like a pet a dog, he followed her all day, at last, he reached till her house. He made sure that she doesn’t notice him, unfortunately, he hit a stone and got deviated. Then he realized that the entire day he followed her. He switched on his panicking and noticed more than 100 missed call from his office. He called back and got reviled from his boss but, still, he felt fresh and no sense of humiliation. The next day morning, he went again to her house, hiding back of a tree and was watching her drying clothes with astonishment. From the house, her mother called her “Diya come in you got a call”. By this, he came to know her name is Diya. This was happening for almost a month, and then for a week, Arya went outstation for his office work, so he couldn’t see Diya. Diya knew that he is following her but, she wants to test his patients and courage to talk with her. Due to his sudden disappearance, she was worried and felt depressed. After a week Arya came back to see her, Diya noticed and straight away came to him and asked “Where were you these many days?’’ Arya was amazed and unable to answer for a moment. Arya said “I was off to outstation for my office work” he continued “Do you know that I come to see you daily?’’ Diya answered, “Yes I knew but, I ignored so, that you come up and talk to me”. Arya asked, “Did you miss me?” Diya answered gigglingly, “A lot”.

Suddenly Diya urged and told, “I got to attend my office, shall we meet at the park at six o’clock in the evening tomorrow?” Arya eagerly accepted and went away. Diya and Arya were thrilled to meet each other. The day was passing slowly, and they were desperately curious about the meetup. The next day, Diya bought a gift for her loved one and Arya too was planning for a surprising proposal. It became evening, Diya got dressed up and was looking beautiful like a twinkling star.

On the other side, to prepare for the proposal, Arya hurried up finishing all the works early and departed for the meetup. On the way to the park, he met with an accident and was killed brutally. Diya took her car and left to the park, on her way she saw the accident, but due to her urgency, she ignored it. She reached the park and waited for Arya, he didn’t revert. She kept calling him, but his phone was switched off.  She waited for a long time and kept waiting for him to return. She never gave up and in a hope that she will meet her love, every day at six o’clock in the evening she waits for him in the park.

“My love for you is a journey; starting at forever and ending at never.”


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