An Excursion

The Impediment – Episode 4

Hearing to Eva’s call, all of them rushed to her and were amazed seeing a beautiful stream flowing towards the sea. Everyone started jumping into the stream to take a joyful bath, but Lucas and Krish refuse to do so. Slowly Sara goes behind them and pushes them into the water, Lucas was scared and shouts out “Ah! God save me” he thuds into the water. Krish enjoys bathing in the stream and forgets all his past. After bathing for a long time, Noah asks every one; “Guys enough of bathing, save some energy for the rest of the journey, come out and get back to the vehicle.” All of them came out, wept and dressed, then got into the vehicle. Noah started the vehicle and they continue their journey. Apart from Noah and Sara, all others slept in the vehicle. Suddenly Noah chuckles and seeing him Sara asks; “What?”, Noah replies “Nothing just I was thinking that how come you manage to convince Krish”, Sara replies “That’s what I meant for, this is what is called Talent”, Noah humiliating her, “You say as if no one in this world has a talent other than you”, Sara says “I didn’t mean that by luck I managed to convince him” Noah replies “That’s the truth, but yeah your talent is not convincing, but your confidence, and by which you were able to convince him.” Before he finishes, he dashes a person and hits a break. All of them wakes up in the jerk, were figuring out what just happened with them.

Noah peeped out through the windshield and saw a poor man who was holding his knees and sitting down. He gave him water and inspected him for injuries, fortunately, he was not hurt, Noah and others took a deep breath of relief and continued to drive. Lucas tells to everyone, shivering “Guys lets cancel the trip, something is not going right, please listen to me”. Eva supporting him “Yes, he is right, we are facing a lot of issues, I think those are warning for us to cancel the trip”. Noah and Sara together “Eva! I can’t believe you are supporting Lucas, nothing is going wrong, as Noah was talking with me, he just got diverted for a moment, that’s it.” Krish suddenly laughs and says “Haha! See the faces of Lucas and Eva how funny it looks when they are scared” All of them were surprised to see that Krish was laughing after a long time, everyone too continued to laugh with him and started to drive towards the resort. After a few minutes of the drive, they reached the resort, the watchman welcomes everyone and helps them to arrange their luggage. All of them chose their rooms, took rest as they were tired of traveling. It became night and all the friends assembled for the campfire, all of them were playing games and uprooting their college days memories. The friends were thoroughly enjoying the campfire, drinking, eating, singing, dancing, and mocking the watchman.

After the campfire, the friends go back to their rooms to sleep and watchman goes back home. Around 2 AM, Noah hears the sound of a whistle and wakes up suddenly. He peeps out of the window and sees a shadow coming towards the resort, within a few seconds he hears the sound of knocking the door. He goes to open the door, as he was getting closer to the door, the knocking sound was drastically increasing. He started thinking that Lucas was right, that something wrong is going to happen with us, still with a curiosity to know the person behind the door, he opened the door and was stunned with shock.

Who do you think Noah would have seen?

Stay tuned to read more….

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