An Excursion

The Family: Episode 1

A happy family consisting of four members a father, mother, brother, and the youngest sister were living in a commercial city. The father who is an entrepreneur, always busy with his works, and the mother who is super busy with her households. They didn’t have time for each other. They were busy with their commitments, and it has been a long time that they went for a trip.

They didn’t have time for each other, this made the kids feel boring and started planning for a trip, and we’re eagerly waiting to finish with their exams. On the last day of their exams, they finished the exams and discussed with the mother about the trip, she too agreed as even she was tired of the household work and needed a break. All three of them were desperately waiting for the father to return home. When the father arrived, the kids shouted with joy “Daddy is back!”. The father was surprised, and asked: “Why my dears are so happy today?”. The kids said pleasingly “Daddy we have finished with our exams and our vacations coming up.

Shall we go on a trip?” The father became worried about his schedule, but convincingly he told “Sorry my dears I have a lot of work to do, can we go in next vacation?” The kids became sad and their excitement vanished. The mother told the father “Honey, come on, even I am tired of doing work let’s take a break. Please, the kids were waiting for their vacation, don’t disappoint them” The father sighed up and told, “Hmmm….. Go pack your bags”. The kids chuckled for a moment and jumped with joy “Yeah! Thank you, daddy,”. The kids kissed the father and packed their bags.

Next day morning “they arranged their bags in the car and left the house. The young girl asked her father “Daddy we didn’t tell you the destination, shall we know where are we heading to?” The father told “That is a surprise!”. After a long drive, they reached their destination, the kids were asleep and the mother was going to wake them, by the time the father stopped her and said: “Honey, wait don’t wake them up to let it be a surprise for them when they wake in the morning.” The father and mother carried the kids, went into the resort which they booked earlier, and slept in their room. It became morning, the parents woke the kids “Good morning guys, wake up and get some sunshine.” The kids woke up and peeped through the window. They saw blue waves, shallow shores, bent coconut trees, and orange-coloured sun.

The kids dropped their jaws with surprise and with astonishment said “Wow! Awesome”. The boy told, “You gotta be kidding me!” The parents shouted “Surprise!”. The father asked, “Did you guys like the surprise dears?” The kids told “A lot of daddy, this was the craziest surprise ever in my life.” The father hurried up “Ok guys fresh up yourself, and let’s jump into the beach”. The family forgot all their commitments and were thoroughly enjoying the trip.

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