An Excursion

Anonymous – Episode 2

The family plays different kinds of games for a long time, then the father and mother got tired, they say to their kids, “You guys continue playing, we are tired, please excuse us.” The kids replied “Okay” then they continue playing. The father and mother sit along the shore, the mother says to the father “It’s been a long time that we are spending time together like this.” The father replies “You are right, hope this moment stays for the rest of my life.” The mother asks “Shall we stay here for a week” The father replies smilingly “Sure why not”. The parents were having a romantic conversation for a long time and the sun dawns.

The father asks everyone to pack up and get back to the room. While returning to their room in the entrance of the resort, they notice a watchman who was wearing a shabby khaki uniform, uncombed hairs, an uneven scar above his cheeks, and with a terrifying look, he greeted, “Good Evening, Sir” to the father. The kids were scared and hid behind their parents like a warrior behind the shield. As they entered their room they got a big sense of relief as if they crossed a countries border illegally. In the night the family had their dinner, enjoyed the night sky filled with stars for some time, and then went to their bed.

Around 2 AM the father wakes up suddenly, he hears a whistling sound from far away, he spies outside the window, and see a shadow coming towards the resort. As they were the only visitors in the resort, he was worried about the safety of his family, so he moves out of the resort to inspect. After some time, the mother wakes up to drink water and finds her husband is missing. She was shocked and raid throughout the resort, but she couldn’t find him. Her upset intensified and moved around the resort sobbing all the way. Suddenly, she hears the sound of her daughter shouting, “Mommy, Help me!”. The mother was tensed up cryingly ran towards the room, but she couldn’t find her kids. She finds bloodstains towards the entrance door and was terrified.

She was soaked with sweat and her body was shivering with panic. She was puzzled up and thought to follow the bloodstain, she got a great blow from the back of her head and died on the spot.

Who do you think would have done this? Who is the whistleblower?

Stay tuned to read more….

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