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    Crispy Nippat

    Check out the new recipe for the delicious and quarantine snack “Crispy Nipaat” from the link the below. https://smashervisionary.wordpress.com/crispy-nippat/ If you like our content please do comment and share it.

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    Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

    We are honored and grateful to you Krishnapriya for nominating us for Sunshine Blogger Award. A word of thanks cannot make worth it. We are extremely happy and thankful. THANKS GIVING

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    Homemade Healthy Snack Simili

    Check out the recipe for tasty and healthy evening snack simili from the link below. https://smashervisionary.wordpress.com/homemade-healthy-snack-simili/

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    Dahi (Curd) Kabab

    Check out the recipe for the delicious Dahi Kabab from link below. https://smashervisionary.wordpress.com/dahi-curd-kabab/

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    Mixed Pulse Masala

    Check out the recipe for the healthy, tasty and high protein content dish from the link below. https://smashervisionary.wordpress.com/mixed-pulse-masala/ Also if you like the recipe please do share it in Facebook and Instagram.

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    Sardine Fish Curry

    Check out the recipe for lip-smacking delicious dish from the link below. https://smashervisionary.wordpress.com/sardine-fish-curry/