How to Crack an Interview?

Preparation for Interview

In order to participate actively in interview, one must build self-confidence.

To be self-confident the interviewee must have thorough basic technical knowledge related to the job description and the role.

Before attending any interview make a glance at the company’s or organization’s objectives, goals, and achievements.

During Interview

Stay calm and relaxed, and think positively.

Wish the interviewer after entering the room.

During the interview be confident and focus on the interviewer’s questions which will automatically reduce your nervousness. Ensure that you maintain an eye to eye contact with the interviewer while explaining, and answering.

When your explaining to the interviewer, ensure that you speak in such a way that you grab the interviewer’s attention, but avoid unwanted and irrelevant topics.

If you are in an interview, it doesn’t mean that the interviewee must know everything whatever the interviewer asks. So, if you don’t know any answer just tell them you are not aware of it and you are willing to know it.

After the interview

If you are not being selected, take suggestions from the interviewer regarding your mistakes so that it might help you in preparing for your next interview.

Wish you All the Best for your Interview!