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Searching for Broken Heart

On a pleasant day morning, He was waiting for his dear, who haven’t seen each other for a long time. Suddenly a cool light breeze passes over his face, a feeling of excitement. He started getting excited, and then noticed at a corner of the street, he saw a bright and highlighted figure coming towards him. When the figure came closer, he recognized her loved one.

In the sense of astonishment, he was hardly able to utter a word. She started conversating with him with her melodious voice, but he was only able to look into her eyes and was not stable enough to understand the words. To propose him with a surprise she went to buy him a ring.

After buying the ring, she was standing opposite side of the road, with glowing eyes and eagerness. He looked back and she came half the way towards him, a sudden glimpse of darkness thrashed both of their dreams.

It’s his other half heart lying in the pool of blood. He thought his eyes are cheating him. He lifted her with his palms, but before closing her glowing eyes, she said “I Love You” and her heart stopped beating. His heart was broken into pieces and searching for those broken pieces to fix it.