An Excursion

The Demise – Episode 5

Noah sees his friend Krish in front of him wearing a bedsheet over his head. He thinks as he saw a ghost he shouts, “Oh my god!” and faints down. Hearing the sound all other friends come to the door and see that Noah lying down and Krish is standing outside. They asked Krish “What happened?”, Krish replies “I heard a whistling sound so, I went out to find who was it, when I came back and was about to open the door, Noah saw me and fainted. Eva asked surprisingly “What, fainted! Why!” Krish replied, “What do I know, you should ask him”.

By the time Sara brought some water and splashed it on Noah’s face, he woke up and was shivering with fear. Sara asks “Why are you scared?” Noah answers “I saw a ghost, it was very close to me, let’s all go back to our house”, Krish says “It wasn’t a ghost it’s me Krish, I was wearing my bedsheet over my head as it was very cold outside”. Noah calms down and says scratching his head “Sorry for disturbing you guys, suddenly seeing him in that attire I thought it was a ghost.” Everyone goes back to sleep. The next day morning everyone wakes up and urged to the beach to take a bath in the blue ocean. Sara and Noah were enjoying their surfing and the rest of them were playing football with few kids along the shore. All of them were celebrating their vacation, in the evening as they were tired of playing games, all of them slept and woke up around 8 in the night.

As the weather was pleasant outside, they thought to have moonlight dinner. They enjoyed their dinner chatting about their college mates, professors and friends, then went back to their bed. The moon starts descending, and around 2 AM the whistle blows, hearing this Lucas wakes up. He thinks that this time it must be a ghost, so he goes around following the sound, and as soon as he comes out of the house, he hears a footstep following him. He turns suddenly and misses a nice blow of a hammer.

He saw an anonymous figure covered all over his body with a long coat. Lucas starts running outside, and the incognito too ran behind him. While running for his life, he enters a forest zone. Unfortunately, he slips down due to a branch and falls fracturing his leg. For a moment, he hears nothing, but a sound of yelling wolves. He breathes heavily, and thinking he has escaped, he takes a big sigh lifting his head. He sees a dark image holding a hammer above him, he gets a blast on his head from the hammer that everything looked blur to him. To confirm his death, he gets another blow that his skull could have crushed into pieces, and the wet hammer with blood is thrown into the forest.

Who killed Lucas and Why?

Stay tuned to know the killer….

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