The Heartful Summit: Episode 2

Alex, Jonathan, and Ben are the 3 friends, who are nothing to say interesting about them, but they are friends since childhood and support each other in all difficulties. The only intention of all 3 friends is to bring Allen out from his negativity on love. But the sad thing is that all three of them didn’t marry because, they were worried that if they got married, Allen will feel lonely and spoil his life.

Even-though, Allen shows hatred ness on love, trust, and relationships, his love, trust, and relationships are only his friends. The other part of his life is that on his every birthday whether he fails to wear his dress or not, he never misses to visit charities and spend time with them like cooking, cutting a cake, and celebrating with them. Also, whenever he sees injured stray dogs, he takes them to the hospital, bears all their medical expenses, and sends them to the animal charity.

One day, Allen and his 3 friends go for a trip on their bikes. After a long journey, they take a break near a beach. Suddenly a happy family comes to the notice of Alex, and seeing them Alex comments that how happy it would be even if we have a family like them.

Hearing this Allen shouts on Alex that “If you get a family your life will be as hard as living on hell”. Alex got stunned and replied to him in an irritating voice that, it wouldn’t be worse than living with you.

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