The Heartful Summit: Episode 3

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The Heartful Summit: Episode 3

Allen became angry as he felt he his standing in the melting lava from a volcano and giving a tight punch on the cute chubby face of Alex, Allen told “I don’t need you and I don’t want anyone, leave me alone.”

With a heavy heart, giving a nice blow to the kicker, he started his bike and flew away. Alex who went unconscious for a moment, brought his soul back cheating the death, guessing what just happened with him. Jonathan and Ben were shocked to see Alex lying on the floor and demanded an explanation from Alex. Alex recited the entire incident, as soon as he finished, Jonathan and Ben burst out with a laugh. Jonathan after laughing for a few moments, made Alex realize that what he did to Allen was wrong. Ben says that “Whatever happened with Allen in his past has slaughtered his emotions, which made him overreact like this”. Then Ben continues, Allen was a love gift for their parents. Soon after he was born, his parents were becoming wealthier.

The family was filled with love and joy. But it didn’t last for long. One day, on Allen’s second-year birthday party, Allen’s mother saw the ladies who had come to their party, were seemed pride with their achievement of being successful in their career. This tempted his mother and after the late-night party, she asked this to Allen’s father. His father was a humble man, who tries all the way to keep his family safe and happy like a bird’s nest. He replies to Allen’s mother that, “Let our kid grow, wisely, and well-mannered then we’ll decide it.” Allen’s mother felt he was right so she continued to take care of Allen and their home.

As per his father’s wish, Allen was growing smart and well mannered, but gradually this made his mother build confidence that she was successful in raising him. When Allen became 10 years old, her idea of building her career overwhelmed as she started realizing that she is becoming old and her chance of attaining her career dream might vanish.

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