The Heartful Summit: Episode 4

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The Heartful Summit: Episode 4

On a pleasant day evening, Allen’s father returned from his office. Usually, when Allen’s father returns from office, his mother makes him comfortable serving him beverages and help him change his dress. But today she neglected him and was busy doing with her household work.

As it was evening it was Allen’s playtime so, he was out to play with his friends. Allen’s mother thought that it was the right time to speak her concern with her husband, so, in a gentle voice she asked her husband that “How old is our son?”. His father replied with a confused state that “He is 10”. Countering the answer, she asked, “Are you satisfied with our child’s behaviour?”. He replied enthusiastically that “I am very much satisfied the way you have raised our son.” She shot him with another question that “Can I start building my career?”.

Allen’s father was stunned as a flash of lightning struck him. He controlled his feelings and replied moderately that “Look dear our son is just 10 years old, I agree that he is smart and well mannered but still he is not capable enough to make the right decisions, upon all he is just a kid now. He doesn’t even have an idea of what is a career. So, think your only dream or career is our son. If he is successful in his career isn’t that a pride for you?”. Allen’s mother replied without thinking about anything that “Then what about my career, I too want to become successful. I have raised our kid well for these many years, I am tired of taking care of you and your son.” Before she completes the father raged that, “My son, isn’t your son, how dare you to talk like that, you greedy woman?”. They keep quarreling, then, at last, the mother says that “This is all happening because of our son, if he wasn’t born, I would have achieved my dream happily”. Unfortunately, at this moment, poor young Allen hears it and his little heart was crushed into pieces, he dropped the ball which he took for playing.

His parents heard the sound and stopped their quarrel. Allen’s father picked up Allen, tried to convince him. But the quarrel between them was increasing day by day. When Allen became 15, his parents got divorced and while departing, the judge asked Allen that “With whom do you wish to stay?”. Thinking his parent’s quarrel Allen replied in a broken voice “I want to stay alone, I don’t want anyone, I need peace”. His parents got separated and Allen grew up and studied in charity till he gets a job. After getting a job he felt he didn’t want to burden the charity so, started living in an apartment alone. Ben says “This situation of my friend shouldn’t occur even to my cruel enemy. Jonathan asks Ben and Alex that “Come let’s convince Allen”.

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