The Heartful Summit: Episode 5

The annoyed Allen came back to his apartment, parked his bike, and got into his house closing the door with a huge slam that the noise woke the sleeping babies crying in the apartment. On the other side of the flat, a girl opens the door, eyebrows rose up, with reddening eyes, deepening dimples, and widening cranberry lips holding a phone getting exasperated.

A voice from the phone calling her “Adhya are you there?”. She continues, on the phone apologizing she said “Sorry mam! I am there I was deviated due to my neighbor’s nuisance”. She finished speaking with her manager and left for her office. Adhya is an orphan, who works as a software engineer and searching for an anonymous profile who helped her. She is a loving and caring person, who had lost all her interest in living her life and her only aim is to repay her debt. One day, she got a clue about her helper from a hospital receptionist, but still, she didn’t find the profile. She was worried and felt her future was in dark.

Wait a minute confused right who is Adhya, who is she looking for, and who is the hospital receptionist?

Stay tuned to read more……

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