The Heartful Summit: Episode 6

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The Heartful Summit: Episode 6

After Allen, came to his house, he put his friend’s phone numbers in the blacklist so that, they don’t call him. The next day morning, he woke up and went towards the balcony to see the morning sunshine, when his eyes moved towards the apartment entrance gate. He sees Alex, Jonathan, and Ben coming to meet him, he got staggered and rushed up to close the doors, using all of his muscular strength he bashed the door. Adhya who is Allen’s neighbour got infuriated, went to Allen’s house, and started knocking the door continuously.

By the time the three friends reached near Allen’s house and saw Adhya banging the door. They thought Allen is going to end his life. So, they too started knocking the door. At last, they end up breaking the door and got into the house. As soon as they entered, they screamed “Allen!” and Allen came out like a guilt pet dog. But when he saw the broken door he pounced on his friends. Adhya too started shouting on them “Take him away, let this apartment stay in peace” and go back to her house. After a friendly fight, four of them fell tiredly in the living room. Alex told Allen “I am extremely sorry, I shouldn’t have talked with you like that, please forgive me”. Allen replied with dripping eyes “You three are not my friends, you are my world, where will I go if you guys leave me?’’. Alex, Jonathan, and Ben hugged Allen with their heartful of happiness and eyes full of tears and started living a normal life.  But after a week Adhya started following Allen, without his concern. She started collecting details of his friends and was planning to get closer to Allen, but her extreme challenge is that it is not easy, as Allen is a misogynist. One day Adhya was caught by Jonathan for following Allen, so he assembled Alex and Ben in a coffee shop and started investigating her. She didn’t utter a word, then Alex asked “Are you a terrorist?”, Ben replied “Alex! Stop cracking jokes be serious” and asked Adhya “Who are you? Why are you following Allen?”. Adhya starts crying and kept begging “Please leave me alone I have done nothing wrong,”

Jonathan says impatiently “If you don’t answer, we will call the cops and file a theft complaint on you! Adhya got scared and replied shiveringly “Please d…d…. don’t call the cops, I’ll tell you the tr….tr…. truth”. They got her a glass of water and a cup of coffee, she drank it and started narrating.

Whom do you think Adhya could be? Why is she following Allen?

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