The Heartful Summit: Episode 7

When I was two years old my father left us, and I was the only one, all my mother has. Whenever I ask about my father my mother would say “he will return once he is done with his work dear”. She struggled a lot to manage me and the households. Somehow, she got a job in a public sector department.

When I was in the fifth grade, all my friends were asking about my father, so, I told this to my mother and as I have never seen my father she told: “Your father will come to see you in school tomorrow”. The next day after I reached my school, I saw a smart man, with a moustache and stylish hair, in short, to say he was like a fairness cream model. He called me “Hi Adhya my dear, I am your father, how are you? In a pausing manner. I was amazed and asked him back “Are you my father?”, he hugged me and replied, “Yes I am”. But I felt like hugging my mother. He met with all my friends and took me back home. I was doubting him, and asked him “Daddy can you come closer, I want to kiss you?”

He came closer, without hesitating I pulled out his moustache, and the moustache comes along with my hand, then it was my mother. I ran to my room and kept crying for a long time. I shouted to my mother that “You are a cheat, you fooled me, I want my daddy”. My mother picked up and said, “Very sorry my dear, I should have told you the truth that your father will never come back.” I asked her “Why won’t he come”, My mother’s eyes filled with tears and said, “You are not in the age to understand that, from now on I am your father”. I burst out with tears and hugged her tightly and said “Sorry ma for hurting you, I will never ask about my father”. From that day, I stopped asking about my father and focused on my studies intending to make a comfortable life for my mother and me. I finished my graduation and started working in a company, as a fresher I was getting paid very less, but still, I was working until I get a better job. In my office, I met a guy who was my friend, and we were together all the time.

He was a young gentleman and a very caring person. He visits our house, also makes sweet conversations with my mother. As days kept passing on, I thought that our relationship was going more than friendship, and I convinced my mother to accept him as my life partner. One day I called him and told him “Hi! I want to speak something important to you, are you free this evening? He replied “Oh hi Adhya! I too want to speak something important to you we’ll meet at the coffee shop”. I replied, “Sure be on time”. Then on that evening, I met him and he asked “You said you want to tell me something important, please go ahead”. I said, thinking he will propose to me “No, first you tell me what were you going to say?’’ He took a card from his bag giving to me, he said: “This is my first marriage invitation to you, your presence is a must” listening to this, I almost got fainted and passed out for a moment.

With a heavy heart and smiling uninterestingly said “Congrats! It was pleasant news”. He then asked “Now you should speak about the important thing”, I replied “Um… I…. I forgot, will tell you later”. Then I moved away all the way sobbing to my house. I told my mother, that he is getting married, my mother was shocked and was trying to convince me, but I was too broken and dreamt a life with him that it was difficult for me to forget. I attended the marriage and later, without informing him we shifted our self to another city. I got a better job but, I was frustrated and overthinking about him. This made my mother worried, and unfortunately, while she was returning from her office, she met with an accident. Doctors told that her skulls were crushed and damaged during the accident and to operate her it would cost Rs 15 lakhs. I was knocked out like a boxer in a ring, somehow, I managed to arrange Rs 5 lakhs, but for the rest I was hopeless. No one was there to support me and I started losing my hope in my life. Thinking about this for an entire night, I was tired and closed my eyes. After some time, woke up suddenly and was leaving the hospital to arrange for the money, by the time a nurse told me that “Your Mother’s Operation fees have been paid”.

What do you think that Adhya would have reacted? Will the mother recover from the operation?

Stay tuned to read more….

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