The Heartful Summit: Episode 8

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The Heartful Summit: Episode 8

I jumped out in joy and went to see my mother tell her. We were in the peak of happiness, and my mother got operated successfully. After a week of bed rest, my mother got discharged and brought her back home. I realized that this was all because of me, if I would have started living normally and married someone, this wouldn’t have happened. I went to my mother and said that “I am sorry ma, I forgot all the bitter things happened to me, from now on I’ll live a happy life”. My mother asked me back “Then will you marry someone?”. I replied to her “Yes ma, I will marry”.

From the very next day, she started looking for a groom. Her mind was fresh, but her health deteriorated. After three months she passed away, I felt that how unlucky I am, I lost everything I had. I moved to an apartment, to forget everything. Suddenly, something strikes my mind that I completely forgot the donor, who helped me paying my mother’s operation fee, because of him I kept my mother happy for some time, and he bought me some time to spend with my mother. I decided to search the donor, repay my debt by helping him. So, I went back to the hospital where my mother got treated and to ask the receptionist about the donor. But as the receptionist changed, failed to know about the donor.

I kept tracking the receptionist. At last, I found the receptionist. She gave me the details of the donor. I saw the details, and it was your friend Allen. I started collecting details about him and found that three of them are everything to him, also he is a misogynist. So, I decided to make him understand that all females are not the same. Alex, Jonathan and Ben said “We are extremely sorry for hurting you!”, Ben said “At least, now someone has come up to change Allen. All three of them said, “We are extremely thankful to you”. Adhya said, “I didn’t do anything comparing to what Allen has done to me so, don’t thank me”.

What do you think Adhya will do to change Allen’s perception of girls? Do you think it is even possible?

Stay tuned to read more……