The Heartful Summit: Episode 9

Hi my dear Brothers and Sisters! Check out the last episode of “The heartful Summit” from the link below. Episode 9

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The Heartful Summit: Episode 9

Alex, Jonathan, and Ben said to Adhya “Don’t worry we will help you”. Ben said, “I got an Idea, tomorrow Allen is going to start hiring for an assistant job, you take part in it”. Alex interferes “We will recommend her to Allen”. Jonathan says to Alex “That’s not possible, if he asks who is she to us, we don’t have an answer for that”. Jonathan then says to Adhya “We will help to pass till personal Interview, where, Allen will be conducting it, then it is your talent to crack the interview”. Adhya replies “Ok, then I will go and practice for the interview, see you guys in the interview, Bye!” The next day Adhya passes all the rounds, and at last, gets into Allen’s cabin for the personal interview. Adhya started feeling nervous and she started feeling hot as if she is nearing the sun. Adhya greeted “Excuse me, Sir, May I come in”. Allen replied “Yes come in please” and surprisingly said, “You stay opposite to my flat right!”. Adhya got more tensed and felt that he might take revenge for breaking his doors, so in a low voice, she said “Yes…. Sir”. Allen calmly with a glow on his face said  “Please take your seat” She sat and their interview started “For the questions which Allen asked she was hardly able to answer, but somehow managed to give reasonable answers.

After the interview, Allen said, “Thank you for attending the interview, it was pleasant talking with you, you may go now”. Adhya with zero confidence level came out, the three friends asked eagerly to Adhya “You are selected right?”. Adhya replies “I don’t know, the interview went bad and I don’t know whether I have answered right or wrong”. Alex commented, “That’s why I said If we would have recommended, the work would have got over easier”. Ben said, “Did God forget to place a brain to you when he created, why do you always give such ideas?”. Getting humiliated Alex mummed. By the time the results were out, and Adhya got selected. All four of them burst out with joy and congratulated Adhya. She started working under Allen and kept gaining trustworthiness. They attended meetings, and conferences together, and the business was becoming successful. Their collaboration was appreciated by the partners and stakeholders. One fine morning, Allen asked Adhya “Shall we be friends?”. Adhya giving a huge smile said “Sure!”.

As the days were passing on, Adhya felt that Allen is the best life partner for her but, feared that, even he might go away. Thinking this she kept all her feeling by herself. On the other side, Allen’s negativity on females changed and started getting an impression on Adhya, but his ego was preventing him to realize. Unintentionally, he started caring for her, and whenever, Adhya gets sick that entire day he postpones all his commitments and stay with her. One day while working, accidentally, she tapped Allen to call for an emergency. Allen roared like a lion and said “I don’t like females touching me or being in a relationship, better stay away from me”. Adhya got embarrassed, and tears started dropping out from her eyes and left home for the day. In the evening, Allen’s friends visited him and narrated Adhya’s life events and convinced him. His heart melted like a candle and defeating his ego, he went to Adhya’s house and knocked on the door. Adhya opened the door, and was surprised but couldn’t forget the humiliation. She invited him inside and Allen said “I am very sorry Adhya, I shouldn’t have shouted on you like that, please forgive me”. Adhya replied, “It’s Ok sir, in an urgency I tapped you, very sorry”. Allen started feeling guilty and asked, “Shall I ask you something?”. Adhya replied “Sure sir!”. Allen stammeringly said “I… I…. always say everything straightforward, so…. So, I feel that the missing piece in my bottom of the heart is you, just because I have saved your mother’s life unknowingly, you have struggled a lot to find me and changed my life. You can stop calling me sir because I love you!”. Adhya got stunned and didn’t react like an Idol. For a moment she felt as living in heaven and she burst out with tears of happiness and gave a tight hug to Allen saying “I too love you”.

Alex, Jonathan, and Ben were waiting for Allen to come back, as he didn’t return for a long time, they took the courage to give a visit to Adhya’s house. As they entered the house, their jaws dropped with shock and went back without disturbing them. Soon, Allen and Adhya got married, following them Allen’s friends too got married, bought a house near a scenic beach, and lived their life happily.

On a pleasant evening of their date, Adhya asked Allen “You said you paid my mother’s operation fee unknowingly, how is it so?” Allen answered “On the day before the operation it was my birthday, as on my every birthday I celebrate it in charities, but unfortunately due to a client meeting I couldn’t go. So, I paid for all the operation fees for the day in that hospital”. Adhya got impressed and said, “I felt I am the unluckiest person in the world, but now I regret that thinking so, I am the luckiest person to get a husband like you”. She gave a hug and kissed Allen showing their intimacy.

The End