An Excursion

The Intimates – Episode 3

The sunrises with bright and shiny lights in the morning. The watchman comes to the resort to do his work, the resort seems empty and silent. He thought to himself “Again the visitors have disappeared, every time I plan to take tips from them, but they vanish without informing me.” He turns on his radio and starts listening to it. The watchman is the only person who is always present in the resort, there is no receptionist or maid to take care of it. When the resort gets any booking, the watchman arranges for the guest. To say, the watchman is the all-around worker for the resort, he only sees the visitors while arriving but never saw them departing. The days pass on and the winter starts, the watchman receives a message that a group of five friends will be coming to stay in the resort for a week. He makes the necessary arrangement for the guests, for their comfort. On the other side, these friends are Krish, Noah, Lucas, Sara, and Eva who are friends since their school days.

Krish is a rude, strong, and irascible man, who had released from prison for the guilt of murder. Noah is a crazy man who is an easy-going character and takes everything for granted. Lucas is a negative minded guy who is always scared and worried every moment of his life. Sara is a model, who acts in advertisements and plays a major role in the fashion industry. And Eva is a detective officer who works in CBI and always beliefs in evidence. As it was just a few weeks, that Krish was released from prison, he was depressed and upset for his guilty.

All four of them, try to motivate and convince him to bring him out of his guilt, but he is unable to make up. So, the friends plan to take him for a trip, to divert his mind. Sara takes up the responsibility to convince Krish and she informs him, “Krish, we are going on a trip tomorrow.” Krish replies in low voice, “I am not coming, you guys can carry on”. Sara shockingly says “What, you mean you are not coming? We have planned this trip for you. I don’t know whatever goes on your mind, but you are coming.” Krish says frustratingly “Sara, you don’t understand what did I say to you? I am not coming.” Sara says “Krish! I understand your situation, you are not responsible for whatever happened to you, it was just an accident and we never accused you of that, also not willing to. Still, why do you think about it?” Krish irritatingly says “I am not thinking about it, but those moments don’t go out of my mind, it keeps flashing to me as a boomerang” Sara replies convincingly, “That’s why I am telling you to come with us for the trip. I guarantee you; you will start living a new life after this trip.” Krish feels that she right and says, “Ok, I will join you guys for the trip, but one condition, if I don’t like the trip I’ll return and you shouldn’t convince me.”

Next day morning, the five friends start their journey, Noah welcomes Krish, “Hi bro, what’s up! At last, you agreed to come with us, you know one thing, you are going to heaven now” and laughs like a mad. Sara was annoyed and humiliating Noah said: “Can’t you keep your mouth shut for a moment; I can’t imagine how your parents bear you”. All started laughing and were enjoying the trip singing all the way. After a few miles the car got puncher, Lucas was tensed and babbling continuously, “Guys something is not going good, we should be careful or else we might face something bad.” Noah replied “Hey! Stop talking foolishly, be a man, don’t get scared like babies”. They repaired the puncher and continued their journey. On the way, they heard a huge sound of splashing water, Lucas stopped the vehicle, and said guys I think we are stuck in the middle of the cyclone; shall we cancel our trip? Sara replied “Stop talking nonsense, why are you so scared? Let us find out what is it.” She tells Eva “Eva can you go and check it out what is it?” Eva follows the sound and as the sound was getting intense, she was feeling cold. She shouts calling her friends “Guys come here, come here fast”

What do you think Eva would have seen?

Stay tuned to read more….

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